Here are some frequently asked questions requested by our guests. Please contact us directly at 902-316-3796 or by e-mail to answer any other questions you may have.

The earlier the better. Guests who come back to our Island regularly typically book either when they are leaving from their current stay, or no later than January. Rentals may be available when booking later, but early booking ensures property selection and dates of your choice.

Contact us through e-mail and include the name of the property you wish to rent and the dates of your visit, or call 902-316-3796. We will contact you to discuss availability and deposit requirements. Upon receipt of your deposit, your booking is confirmed, and you will receive a deposit receipt. Please make sure your phone numbers is included in any e-mails.

Yes. Damage deposit rates vary by property. Please visit the specific page for the property you are interested in renting, and scroll down to find its damage deposit rate.

Providing there are no problems at the property, your damage deposit will be returned the week following your stay.

Call Dean at 902-316-3796

Check-in time begins at 4 pm, and check-out time is 10 am on the last day of your stay.

We provide lock boxes containing property keys at each of our locations. They are accessed with a code that is included on your final invoice, which you will receive before arriving.

Information about activities across the Island is found by clicking the “Things to Do in PEI” option. When planning, please keep in mind that nothing is ever very far from where you are on the Island.

Tides come in and go out twice in a 24-hour period. Please check the Prince Edward Island Visitor’s Guide for tide times during your vacation.

Water temperature differs depending on where you are staying along either shore. Bodies of open water on the North Shore are cooler than open water on the South Shore; the Gulf of St. Lawrence, located on the North Shore, is a much larger body of water than the Northumberland Strait on the South. Properties on a large river or inlet on either shore are comparable.

Globally, weather trends can be unpredictable, but the weather on PEI has been consistent with beautiful warm fall days and cool evenings. The fall is a prime time to take in some of the Island’s seasonal festivals and world-class golf courses. According to the provincial government’s website, fall temperatures can range from 8-22 degrees Celsius (46-71 degrees Fahrenheit).